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Censorship and the almighty dollar...



April 01, 2013 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: ZG

Censorship  is  often a  very slippery slope.

I  find a  line  in the  Spartacus War  of  the damned series  most interesting  as  Spartacus  says  that as  long as  he  is  in  command his  wish is  that  those among  him  or  in most cases under  his  protection  are allowed  to speak  what's  in  their  hearts ~  even  to be able  to criticize or say maybe  not  so  nice  things  about  even  Spartacus.

Too often in  this world  we  are not allowed  to  freely  speak what's in our hearts. 

We are  told  what  is  what and  what we  should  believe  in  or  restrain from speaking upon.

If  we  are not  directly  or  indirectly  told,  those  who  control things often  will  step  in  with  overt or  covert  censorship  or  decimation of  voices  that  do  not  adhere to  what  those  persons will  or will  not permit.

We  live  in  a  world  of  lies  and  brain-washed  slaves  who  aren't even aware  how   institutionalized and  indoctrinated  they  have   become.

We  are  told  that  some  combination of  cloth  and  cotton  somehow  has  value.    People  will  do  things,  sometimes  terrible  things  for  the  ability  to  prostitute  ourselves  to  possess  squares  of  these linen and  cotton  dollars  or  euros  or  whatever  other  name we give to  such  instruments.

We  have  institutions  built  upon  establishing  and  propaganding   the  lies  and  control  of  supposedly  free  who  are  suppose to be self  aware  of   the  gift  and  amazing  fact  that  we  are  aware  or  capable of  being aware  that we  are  the masters  of   our  own  universe.

So  whats  my  point  ?  what  is  it  that  got me  motivated  to  waste  my  precious time  to  reach  out  to  enlighten  and  entertain fellow  readers ?

Was  it  the  fact that  our  whore  mongering  entertainment  divisions of  hollywood  are  bending  the  knee  to  Chinese  masters  as  to  what  can  and  cannot  be  in  plots  that  are  shown  to  audiences  in  China.

Or  that  now  movies  and  scripts  now  are  butchered  and  the  stories  are  told  with  variations  and  the  lies  are  being  altered  to  appease  those  who  we  give power  to.

Or  am  I   holding  a   grudge  ?

In  any  case,  when  world  war   Z   comes  to  a  theatre near   you.

 If anyone read the dang book they would know that it starts in China when a boy and his father are diving for treasure and the boy's father is pulled underneath and the boy is bitten, but then again it's Hollywood and they like butchering amazing books.


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#1) On April 01, 2013 at 11:49 AM, L0RDZ (91.88) wrote:


Wasn't the plot about China putting toxic plastic into baby formula? No? Was it about China putting lead into kids toys? No? Hmmm. Was it about the toxic vegetables that China exports to Vietnam that are poisoning their population? No? Maybe it was about how China reverse engineers a multitude of patented corporate brands so they can sell the poorly made, poison laden rip-off products to unsuspecting foreigners? No? Oh, that's right, those aren't movie plots. They really happened and are still happening!

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