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C.E.O. Larry Young deserves 2 Thumbs Down



February 10, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Yes folks.... I am here by giving my *RETIREMENT STOCK's* C.E.O.  2 Thumbs Down....

What has been on my mind especially now that the Share Price is reflecting it is that Dr. Pepper Snapple Group went hog wild last year spending a ridiculous amount of money on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For example:

If  A)  Spending Money to do a Super Bowl Commercial was a brilliant move on DPS's part then why did they decide not to do one in this year's Super Bowl?   They did one last year hoping for the money spent to result in pushing more Volume...  It barely budged Dr. Pepper in the scheme of things last year.

If  B)  If 25 cents a share is awesome for the investors then it should be awesome stuff for the Company right?    right ????   right ???

Do I even have to explain this?    Giving money back to shareholders is all fine and dandy, but (DPS) still has a hefty debt load burden to pay off....

So, let me get this straight...  In order to pay off one's debt.... One must put oneself in further debt by increasing your expenditures through the *&^% roof so you can make shareholders happy?


Ok... I'm Happy!!!!!    Can we move on now???  Can we cancel the stupid Shareholder Dividend or at least reduce it???? can we PAY OFF SOME DEBT without USING FURTHER DEBT TO PAY IT OFF>>>????????

If C)  Paying off debt by producing even further debt is a brilliant move then why won't FORD MOTOR COMPANY DO THE SAME??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Explain this to me.....

Dr. Pepper buys     X  dollars worth of Debt.....  This reducing their debt burden...

Then.... Dr. Pepper turns around and issues.....yup..... DEBT BONDS which have INTEREST RATES which result...yup..... in more debt.....  Both X Dollar Figures..... are just about equal in size.

Shame on your LARRY YOUNG.....  Who did you hire for a Financial Expert?  Elmer Fudd?

Don't even get me started on the $2 Billion dollar  Share Buyback spree while the Company suffers under a 2.55 times EBITDA  Debt Load.

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