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CFTC going after Corzine



June 27, 2013 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SH , OME

I argued with Alex here why at least civil charges should have been brought against Corzine.  I thought I presented a reasonable argument which was worth exploring.  Alex, of course, just called me names and tried to argue how I was completely wrong.

It seems my argument was listened to and the CFTC has filed a complaint against Corzine.

Sorry for not figuring out how to shorten these darn links but I wanted to use that one since an old friend of mine was quoted there heheh.

Now they better not settle by just clawing back some salary.  Let the jury decide.

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#1) On June 28, 2013 at 12:36 PM, L0RDZ (87.35) wrote:

Its  remarkable how  white collar crime  pays.

From my understanding  at  least  one billion dollars  is  still  missing  from  depositors  accounts.

Corzine  just  shrugged his shoulders  and  resigned  as  MF global  went  in obscurity  along  with  most if not all of his  staff.

JPM  those scum sookin  thieves  at first  tried  to keep some of  the money,  talk about  integrity and  character,  they also  enabled  this  scam to  occur.

Where is  the  dept  of  justice  on  this ?  you'd  think with all  the  spying  on  everything  they  could simply  go back into their  records  and  see ?

But  they don't  care  about  someone like Corzine,  after all it  was mostly just  farmers  and  common folk  who  had  to  fight  to  get  back  their  depositor  monies  that  was  mixed into  one huge  slush  fund  to  keep  the operations of  Corzine  going.

THE SOB  spent the  money buying  European debt,   essentially  getting  caught  naked  as  the  tide  receded.

Was  he  criminally  prosecuted ?  nope...

Does  the  CFTC  have to win  in court in order to permanently  ban such  a  scum soaker  from ever working again  in  areas  that  the  CFTC  controls ?   How  nice  would  it  be  if  his bank was  to suddenly  tell him that  hey  your  personal money just mysteriously  disapeared.

Its just  crazy  ya know  G...

the ball just bounces  that way...

IF only  they  could  ask  for  Johns  hands  to be  placed on the chopping blocks  like they do  for  thieves in  the middle east.

Maybe  they could put his balls there as well.


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