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Checking in on December Picks



February 10, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , AMZN , ABT

Around the 50 day mark of tracking picks I first made public in an article on the Motley Fool Blog network December 18th, I thought I'd check back in on them and detail their performance. Here's how it looks:

3 pick cumulative summary, from date of pick to last close:


2 outperformed (1 long: AAPL, 1 short: AMZN) S&P 500 by: 27.06%

1 underperformed (1 long: ABT) S&P by 9.56%

Cumulative outperformance of S&P by 17.5%


Glad to see they've been doing well! For any interested, I still maintain my stance on all three securities. Further analysis to come on more securities in the coming weeks. Also, please comment on my article on the blog at the link above! I'd love to hear some feedback and get some opposing or unique takes on my positions.

*These stats were calculated using their opening price on Monday, December 19th, and their closing price today, Friday February 10th. 


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