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Chipotle Pizza Coming



December 20, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CMG

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Interesting things ahead for a new Chipotle concept, "Pizzeria Locale," the latest addition to Chipotle's brand portfolio that also includes ShopHouse. Pizzeria Locale is a new fast-casual pizza concept, and this latest move brings Chipotle into the fast-casual pizza market. ShopHouse is a "Southeast Asian Kitchen." Depending on how Chipotle juggles these new fast-casual concepts, perhaps in 10 years the company will be to fast-casual restaurants what Yum! Brands is to fast food restaurants today.  

Curiously enough, Buffalo Wild Wings also has a stake in a new concept called PizzaRev, which "empowers you to craft your own artisan pizza, using only the freshest ingredients and PizzaRev’s delicious homemade pizza dough." Sounds pretty similar to Pizzeria Locale. (More details on Pizzeria Locale and Chipotle's involvement below.)

PizzaRev is based in Los Angeles, and Buffalo Wild Wings invested in PizzaRev just in March of this year. Chipotle's relationship with Pizzeria Locale began in May, so there are some similar timelines at work. Some interesting comments from the first press release revealing BWW's partnership with PizzaRev: 

“Over the past year, Buffalo Wild Wings has been investigating emerging restaurant concepts with high growth potential as we continue to build our dynamic company,” said Kathy Benning, Buffalo Wild Wings executive vice president of global marketing, brand and business development. “Along with chicken wings, pizza is one of America’s most popular foods and we believe that PizzaRev has great potential for continued growth and success.”

Fast-casual pizza may be the next big thing in the realm of fast-casual dining. Established pizza makers like Domino's Pizza, however, are in the process of a rebranding transition toward a more fast-casual restaurant environment. Whether new concepts such as Pizzeria Locale and PizzaRev, incubated by Chipotle and BWW, respectively, can compete with established pizza titans and benefit Chipotle and BWW shareholders remains to be seen. I find it very noteworthy that both Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings are opening stakes in fast-casual pizza joints. Some smart minds at both companies are backing fast-casual pizza, which makes this all the more intriguing.

[Chipotle Press Release]

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