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CMA Investor Update.. Happy New Year



January 04, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NRP , PHR.DL

Monday, December 31, 2012

CMA Investor Update: "Happy New Year to You from CMA" 

I thank you for being a client of CMA for 2012 and years past.

Most investors are "Fiscal Cliffed Out" from all the uncertainty and political dysfunction we have suffered for weeks from Washington. Is it now over?

And, what we see now in the potential resolutions on taxation and government budget management is still...somewhat of a non-solution. Most tax breaks are just extended, and meaningful government spending cuts to reign in the deficit, are again, put off for further discussion.

We thought we might get a "full meal" in responsible government actions, yet we will get just "appetizers" to appease the economic needs at budget deficit resolution.

We are learning from this political process that there will probably not be any really shocking affects from Congressional action on the "Cliff". Doing little or nothing, as they are set to do, will keep the economy in a slow growth my estimation.

How will I move forward on investing strategy into the New Year? I have to say with some degree of confidence, that there is little confidence the investing public has about responsible fiscal budget policy actions these days.

I think the best investment strategy is to continue doing what we are doing now, position 70% or more of investment assets in 7% fixed income securities, and the balance of 30% across high dividend common stocks, MLPs and REITs to earn portfolio income while the economy languishes.

This is a solution in itself to be joyful about...7% cash flow investment income is a good thing long term. 5 Years ago at December 31, 2007 the stock market was within 2% of where it closed today.

I appreciate you being a client of CMA. 

Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


Chuck D

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