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CNBC Nuclear NIght @ 9:00pm Eastern.



October 14, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GE , KO

Tonight CNBC is airing a one hour report on the potential for going forward with nuclear power in the USA. I am immediately skeptical because CNBC is a branch of GE which would do very well building nuclear power plants.

A while ago Donnernv and I discussed nuclear power. Some things I will be watching for tonight include whether or not cost estimates use current proposals for nuclear power plants, or 1-2 year old cost estimates. Whether or not the waste solution of reprocessing fuel is included in those prices or just suggested as a solution to disposal with no mention of additional cost. Who will insure those plants against accident, above the 10bil that the nuclear industry is required to keep for all plants combined. How much a worst case accident would likely cost. Who supplies this info, an insurer or someone from the nuclear industry. Will nuclear power plant construction costs be in my electric bill while they are building the plant and before it produces electricity, as in Florida. Can we afford to spend money building nuclear plants that take ten years to build while still paying for oil powered ones for those same years. Why that is a better idea than building solar/wind that will reduce oil consumption every year. Will Federal/State taxpayer dollars guarantee repayment of construction loans in the event that the plant is never built or has cost overruns, as currently proposed for most nuclear plants. Environmental damage from mining uranium. At 2% annual increased nuclear power uranium runs out in less than 35-70 years. What then? If the idea is to get uranium from seawater, how much does that cost to process all the way iinto fuel? Nuclear power requires tons of cooling water. (18' diameter pipes) Is siting nuclear facilitys close to water supplies a risk to those water supplies, and can we afford to take that risk. Our supply of drinkable water is shrinking quickly due to pollution. Again does an insurer asess that risk.

Personal benifit issue.

Getting a tax credit to install solar panels on my house means I no longer have money leaving my house to buy electricity. I get lower taxes (the credit) and lower electric bills.

Guaranteeing nuclear loans and environmental risks means I get risks and a monthly bill for nuclear power instead of gas or oil or coal power. Government keeps my tax credit to spend wisely.

Can't wait for the show.

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