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dcrednek (73.51)

College kids shopping at Barney's?



October 31, 2013 – Comments (2)

By now at least some of you have read the story of college student Trayon Christian having been detained and questioned by NYPD detectives regarding the purchase of a $350-plus belt at Barney's,in New York.  The student has decided to file a lawsuit for unspecified damages.  And Al Sharpton is all over the story, using it as his next soapbox upon which to stand and expound upon the evils of commercial racism.  

I think the story within the story is the terrible financial decision-making of a college kid.  I read a background article where it was reported that this kid is studying engineering at a NYC metro area college.  Pretty bright kid, right?  Wrong.  What the heck is a college kid doing shopping at Barney's?  If he's so filthy rich as to be able to afford ultra-luxury apparel then what the heck is he doing in school?  My criticism is separate and distinct from anything regarding the incident itself.  Barney's and NYPD completely blew the situation out of proportion.  But a  lawsuit?  Really?  Seems to me like the most effective way to punish this behavior is for people to boycott the store.  

Some words of wisdom to all the Trayon Christians out there:   stay in school, save your money, buy index funds rather than Ferragamo belts, work your butt off every day, and one day in a two or three decades you'll have enough money to roll into a store like Barney's and drop some cash as a reward for being so smart.  Oh, and seriously consider changing that name:  it's completely jacked-up.   Sounds like a misspelling of "crayon".   

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#1) On November 01, 2013 at 4:53 PM, Valyooo (34.27) wrote:

Worst post ever. People have the right to do as they wish with their money. Being rich also doesn't mean  you shouldn't go to college

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#2) On November 02, 2013 at 1:36 PM, Mary953 (85.18) wrote:

Valyooo,  I think dcrednek's point was more along the lines of sound financial decisions...and a $350 belt from ANY STORE is NOT a sound financial decision.  If this young man has plenty of money now, he will not have it long if he spends it in such foolish (small f) ways.  Unless, of course, he is a billionaire.  I missed the story.  Is he a billionaire?

And no, the police should not be judging someone's spending habits.  $350 for a belt??  Seriously??

FWIW, if one of my kids had done this, they would have been returning the belt or it would have been taken out of college funds and they would have had to earn $350 after-tax dollars to replace it.  They learned that money = hours of paid work+taxes well before they hit college age.  (And yes, I am incredibly proud of them and no, they would not throw money away like this.)


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