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Come on really ? GM did we bail out the French ?



March 09, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GM

Attention sookers,  um  I mean US tax-payers:   Apparently  we now  in addition to owing  AIG,  which spent  all our billions  paying  worthless credit default  swap  deals to  GOLDMAN sUKS...   SAKS...    in addition to owning  Generous Motors,   we  now partially also as a result  own  French Peugeot's.

 WHY ???  anyone remember when they  had  an electric  car way back in the day ???  and they choose  to  screw it up and not develop it  ?  ANyone  remember  how they blew  a ton of  cash  and  potential in SAturn ???

So did  them Frenchies ???   buy any  Gm  shares  ???    nope...

 DID  GM  offer to redistribute any cash back to shareholders ???   both inside and outside the gov shareholders ??? h3ll  no....

Instead we  helped bail out a  French Billionaire family...  for what  ?? small car technology ???

For what to  sell  cheap  unprofitable  cars  to  Europeans ??? 

As much as things change,  they always seem to stay the same.


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