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Commerce Department, Heads up What?



November 14, 2008 – Comments (1)

Just a quick observation. Head to the commerce department's web site and try to find the latest economic figures quickly.

Not happening, right? Nope, but we do have plenty o' propaganda, including a pretty ludicrous "tariff counter" puporting to show the amount of moolah lost on U.S. tariffs on good sent to Colombia because Congress hasn't approved a trade deal with them.

I have no real opinion on the trade deal, but I think that, given the TRILLIONS that are disappearing every day in our funky markets, and the hundreds of billions being wasted on poorly-planned bailouts of greedy and incompetent institutions, the commerce department could put aside the infantile political posturing and provide U.S. citizens with a better path to the facts and figures that matter.


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#1) On November 14, 2008 at 3:45 PM, DemonDoug (31.00) wrote:

commerce department runs under the executive branch.

In case you hadn't realized, SJ, Bush's incompetence is not just with the war(s) and economy and unfair taxation, but all levels of government.  Department of Health has been terrible.  FDA rampant with nepotism and cronyism.  Dept of Interior rampant with drug orgies, and if I recall is filled with former oilmen.  Treasury Dept of course more cronies.  FEMA also terribly run until Congress put the screws to the president.  EPA also run by fossil fuel industry types.

Bush has been a failure in every way possible.  This is just yet another example.

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