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Consumers dying in America?



March 05, 2008 – Comments (0)

Wages basically stagnant since 1999.  For many, wages have actually DECLINED.

SINCE 1999:  

HEALTH INSURANCE:  premiums/copays doubled or  tripled. Over 40MM uninsured.

HOMEOWNERS INS:   Florida premiums have doubled or tripled


FUEL:  Oil prices have tripled

FOOD: doubled or tripled in many catagories

INTEREST EXPENSE:  many families are carrying much higher balances due to bigger mortgages and larger amounts outstanding on their credit cards.


Now the job losses are finally being reported?  And some people are saying housing is becoming more affordable?  What a joke!!!!  If this trend continues, people will NOT have enough money to pay for food, fuel and health much do you think will be left for housing.

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