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Convex Reflector -Physical Gold Computational Error



April 14, 2009 – Comments (3)

As many of you know, Techno Trance Spector Vector Analysis is an emerging area of Alstrynomics which is currenly being distilled into a fuctional tool for making unlimited sums of money.

Ghoser, the chief spector vector has been wreaking havoc on my analytics lately driving through what I thought was an impenatrable layer of gold backing the massive convex reflector formation.  As you know the convex reflector formed around 7200 with a physical silver refective backing between 7200 and 7500.  When Ghoser broke through the physical silver layer, a physical gold layer formed almost immediately creating record low readings on the fictional photon spectrometer.

Based on my calculations, I thought the physical gold layer was only 300 points deep just like the physical silver layer.  But ounce for ounce, physical gold has actually over 50X the reflective value as physical silver at current pricing.  However, as applied to spector vector reflector qualities, it has 3X the strength taking the the physcial gold backing to 8400 and NOT 7800 as I indicated earlier.

Hence, when I was thinking that Ghoser had broken through physical gold, he hadn't and was still in its grips.  The reason the photon spectrometer readings were so low is that the gold was draining Ghoser of his slimy energy.  Well it appears gold is holding strong.

As a result of the calculation mistake, I started red thumbing a little bit too early thinking that Ghoser was about to turn by the force of the reflector.  Alstrynomics knew he was going to turn, it was just a matter of timing.  And due to the miscaluation and the much stronger nature of gold vs. silver, what was thought of as a perplexity will actually convert into the accelleration of the reflexity of convexity in what could be known as the atrocity of spectrocity propelling Ghoser to depths we have never seen before.

Some thinking that they were slimed by Ghoser may actually realize it was the lubricant for the market to penetrate levels it has never played in for years.  Remember the good old days, when you would go at it all night long and still be able to buy a share of every stock in the Dow for less than $3000 in the morning.....get ready, we may be able to do it over and over again real soon.

Obama may have given us the signal this morning......Ghoser seems concerned.  Let's see what happens over the next few weeks.

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#1) On April 14, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Vet67to82 (< 20) wrote:

Interesting and entertaining reading .  My recommendation and thanks

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#2) On April 15, 2009 at 10:13 AM, 4everlost (28.73) wrote:

I think Ghoser is a hoser...

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#3) On April 15, 2009 at 11:43 AM, CentralBankEVIL (28.16) wrote:

Best TA I've seen yet

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