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alstry (< 20)

Countdown To WW3....



November 12, 2010 – Comments (1)

There are two central issues facing the World........

1.  Peak Consumption and the depletion of the world's resources......

2.  Allocating who gets to consume and how much



1. Over 3 Billion people earn less than $100 per year who are now getting access to information and opportunities never seen before

2. Production has transferred from the WEST to the EAST over the past 20 years and now the EAST is gaining information and technology advances as well....such as graduating more engineers in the EAST vs total graduates in the WEST

3. The current fractional reserve banking system is on the brink of collapse as the burden of unprecedented debt is crushing economies from Europe to America straining extend and pretend to the point where WESTERN banks must act criminally to maintain the illusion of solvency.


It really is pretty simple.....America went from being a saver to spender and subprime borrower to now counterfeiting over $2 trillion per year simply because we are unable to fund our current deficit and spending additiction......

AND THE WORLD IS PUSHING BACK.....why should Americans get to consume so much simply because our government is allowed to counterfeit money while other countries are constrained and limited to spending what they can raise and borrow?

Choices will have to be made.....will we return to Economic Morality and retructure our system....or will we be forced to fight the world to maintain our "right to counterfeit and consume?"

For anybody who understands the issues leading up to WW2.....the similarities are amazing......



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