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Covering Up Fraud-Death By A Million Cuts



October 31, 2010 – Comments (0)

As I told you...the unwinding of the Ponzi Scheme the central bankers are trying to conceal is not just here in America.......but is being felt around the world.....

Hungary Outlines State Job Cuts to Narrow 2011 Budget Gap Under 3% of GDP

More and more are waking up and figuring out that our bankers are nothing more than common appears even Buffett believes the problem is so large that he better join them as opposed to face the consequences of truth.......much of the "wealth" he accumulated over the years would evaporate.

He no longer talks about derivatives....excessive deficits.......excessive executive compensation.......the topics that made Buffett....Buffett.  Heck, he really avoids the issue of proper accounting.....the essence of his mentor, Ben Graham.

More and more are waking up everyday and figuring it out.....Karl Denninger, one of the founders of the Tea Party has distanced himself from the same movement to focus on the issue at hand....the fraud and criminality running rampant on Wall Street and Washington....

Until the hit sits the fan........we will continue to seem more and more of America shut down.......

At this the top 5% are getting 90% of the benefits of this Ponzi Scheme.....and only paying 70% of the taxes.....which is about $1.5 trillion dollars short of what is necessary.......we MUST NOW TAX the top 5% of income earners OVER 100% of their income to keep the game going....we MUST go after their assets........if they still want to benefit from the game.

Congresswoman: Estate tax hike has some planning death before Dec. 31...

If you estate was the beneficiary of a Ponzi Scheme...isn't it only fair that it be taken away when the Ponzi Scheme unravels?

Expect tensions to rise dramatically in America......especially in the areas already divided like the effects of Zombulation become more and more palpable.  It is not that difficult to will just be difficult for many to accept that our economy and wealth as built upon nothing more than a fraudulent theory.....or at least a theory that had the same dynamics of a Ponzi type operation.

Don't you think Buffett and Munger know this is coming.....why do you think they told you to "suck it up."......

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