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David Tice Interview on KWN: Austrian School of Economics, Bubbles, Precious Metals, etc.



May 12, 2010 – Comments (1)

Here is a great interview with David Tice on King World News. Topics discussed are:

Austrian School of Economics, bubbles, reinflation, private sector deleveraging vs. government intervention, "echo" bubble rally in equities, debt saturation (growth in credit requied to grow GDP), gold, consumption vs savings, deflation and stagflation, and potential funding crisis in the Treasury market leading to higher rates (we have a very short term maturity on the national debt).


David Tice Interview on King World News
Saturday, May 1, 2010


David Tice is one of the most highly respected investment professionals at the forefront of bear market investing for more than 20 years.  David has appeared in virtually all financial media including Barron’s, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and much more.  He gained national recognition through articles he wrote for Barron’s and as the subject of numerous business journal and television interviews beginning at the time when he was among just a handful of courageous people who dared to short the market.  In this interview David discusses the U.S. stock market, money printing, gold, Austrian economic veiwpoint, the economy, reinflating the bubble, private sector de-leveraging, risk of bankrupting the entire country, banks constraining credit and much more.

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#1) On May 18, 2010 at 8:38 PM, hybridinvestor (80.81) wrote:

Sorry....I can never Rec This to Tice.  I don't have a lot of respect for people who are perma-anything...bear or bull.  That is not how cycles work.  Tice, Paul Farrel on, etc., etc. need to learn how to be balanced in their approach to markets and not always just grumpy.  Not saying they may not be temporarily right but if you keep saying the same thing long enough then at some point for some period of time you will be right.  I prefer to look at the "average" though of rightness over time as being right a couple years out of 10-15 does not make one right.

I'd love to see how much Tice really has lost/made due to the bull that he kept denying when the Dow launched off 6k and he kept calling for it to go significantly lower.  Tice, may you find some happy blue skies in your life :)

p.s.  Tice, to be happy don't hang with Roubini either.  The man gets one call right and then he's riding it for years.  Geez, I will be glad when I don't see him, Greenspan, and all of these other morons out there spouting off every day. 

I like what Bernstein said about the statistics of investing when describing Bill Miller beating the S&P for a decade plus.

What are the odds of consistently beating the S&P over that many years?  Very small.

However, what are the odds that someone out there will do so?  Quite good actually.

I wish more folks would take and understand statistics. 

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