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DaVinci Marketing Cloud to Go Public Soon



May 16, 2018 – Comments (0)

DaVinci Marketing Cloud, the world’s first AI Big data marketing cloud is set to go public soon. The company has been in serious talks with bankers to launch its IPO later this year.

DaVinci11 is giving direct competition to Adobe, Oracle and SalesForce Marketing cloud by providing AI powered sales automation software. The product is set to disrupt the $230 billion market by anticipating the interests of the users with real time data. People close to the deal say, the Company is expected to generate $150MM in revenue this year with profitability.

The company has named its AI assistant “Mona Lisa” which the company believes will make marketing exponentially profitable.

With the launch of its IPO, it is set to gain the momentum needed to compete with the bigger tech giants like Adobe, Oracle, and SalesForce.

The company’s blockchain division, Lydian, is building the Whisper Network Protocol which is aiming to build the fastest blockless ledger to achieve true decentralization, security, and scalability. This division has on its roadmap to build its own two decentralized applications (MonaChain & MonaBrowse), which then it will allow other industries to license, similar to how the tech giants like IBM and Microsoft offer their SAAS services.

DaVinci11 has various subsidiaries across the globe with diverse product solutions. Earlier in this year, the company rebranded itself to DaVinci Marketing Cloud as a part of its rebranding effort to unite its global entities under one name.

Bankers close to the deal stated, “Asia and Europe play an integral role in their business. It is mission critical they continue to evolve as they are well-positioned to cater to the evolving needs of their clients. Their IPO is timely, as they continue to lead their technology efforts into an era where data science has becomes an essential aspect to the art of digital marketing.”

With the industry veterans like Kamal Kaur (CEO of DaVinci), spearheading the company, the company is set to create the new ecosystem to provide scalable and secure advertising operating system.

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