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alstry (< 20)

Dear Fools: Are You Ready For A Civil War?



June 21, 2012 – Comments (1)

This one will be different than the bubbles I have successfully forecasted in the past. The others were more contained.

This time around....none of us really produce what we consume, and money is simply a universal IOU for others' production that we all need to survive..... However, according to Warren Buffett, which I agree with and was arguing a few years before he made his position public, the only reason anyone has money today is because of a government bailout, otherwise we would ALL BE EQUAL.

Essentially a bailout of the few by the many, including ourselves....or We The People. To have poverty in this situation, with our nation being a democracy and NOT a dictatorship/totalitarian regime, is simply setting us up for the biggest fight in human history as we all chase our own money and control of others.

Knowing our nation's history, and having a few hundred million guns floating around, a violent civil war is not unlikely without a change in direction.

You can see it now with the elections, which are about to get even hotter, as greed drives us to consume ourselves. Over 1/2 of the higher paid portion of the American workforce is employed by government, financial services or health care....and most of health care is funded by government(a deficit) through insurance of government employees, medicare, and medicaid.

If those 1/2 aren't spending and paying taxes....our entire economy would implode very quickly.

Now we all depend on each other for production.....and we all depend on government borrowing our children's money(future production) so we can have jobs and have have control of others. Understanding this is not easy, as we have morphed from a moral economy into an immoral over the last decade.

The irony: fewer and fewer of the kids can get jobs these days with their own money that we are borrowing. Yet we are too self centered to care as we continue to consume ourselves and enslave our children with unsustainable debt;)

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#1) On June 21, 2012 at 9:14 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

The Solution To The Above Problem:

Advance to a SUSTAINABLE OPEN SOURCE ECONOMY where technology drives production and the need for labor and the need to control people is mitigated.

Advance to

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