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Dear President Obama, Since you asked...



December 04, 2009 – Comments (1)

here is how to create jobs by fixing healthcare, increasing energy independence and saving the water supply.

1. Pass a law waiving the employer portion of SS taxes on new highers for a couple years.  That amounts to the govt pays about 7% of new hire wage cost for say through the end of 2012.   

2. Pass a healthcare plan that gets rid of pre-existing clauses, mandates the employed to carry insurance, opens up Medicaid on a sliding scale for the working low income and unemployed and puts a time table on all providers in the healthcare system to use standard forms, codes and communications systems, say within 10 years.

3. Extend and increase tax credits on solar and wind power for homes and business, and simulataneously put in a time frame for eliminating mortgage interest deduction and depreciation on commercial real estate, say 15 years (surely extended at some point) for properties that are not at least producing 50% of their energy by that time frame expiring.

4. Allocate a huge portion of the remaining stimulus money to sewage treatment and water reclamation projects in the 30-40 biggest cities.

5. Pass a sensible leverage rule for banks (i.e. 8:1) and investment banks (12:1), create segregation of assets for companies that are both a bank and investment bank, pass a law requiring a minimum 5% down on any home loan and subject the Fed to an audit in the second to last year of each chairman's term.

Then, get out of the way.

Imagine the jobs and efficiency by doing what this one little page details.  Please, just du it already. 

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#1) On December 04, 2009 at 1:30 PM, blake303 (28.61) wrote:

pass a law requiring a minimum 5% down on any home loan

The minimum down payment should be at least 15%, but 20% would be better. 

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