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Democratic Party's US Budget Plan Revealed!



April 05, 2011 – Comments (0)

And now Ladies and Gents another exclusive!!!!    The Democratic Party is set to reveal their United States Budget Plan next week but I have the SCOOP!!  An Early look at some of the line items in the Democratic Party's Budget Plan:

Chapter 1: Verse 1: Paragraphs 79     U.S. Transportation Department Reform

$999,000,768,868,868,868,999  will be devoted to issuing a free General Motors vehicle of the tax payer's choice per week.  Also, a gigantically large Garage will be delievered to the U.S. taxpayers so they can hold all of these Free Cars that will be bought and delivered.

Chapter 5:  Verse 15:  Paragraph 56    Health Care Reform and Medicare and Medicaid


Will be spent to ensure all drugs, namebrand or offbrand or even illegal, will be bought and paid for by the US Federal Government and hand delivered to the US Taxpayers.

Chapter 20:  Verse 88:  Paragraphs 505     Social Security Reform


Will be spent to ensure that everyone not only has a nice retirement they have a FANTASTICALLY INSANELY AWESOME retirement where everything their heart desires is bought and paid for by the U.S, Government and hand delivered to them for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Awesome huh???  This thing is chock full of millions and millions of freebies and give-a-ways and total awesomeness...cream puff...chocolate frosting surprise....  It's Vatican Warlock Awesome!

So.... In short we have to budgets!

GOP Budget:              (blank)
DEM  Budget:        (whatever can be purchased with taxpayer money....will triplicate).

Which one do you support?

Do you support (GM) General Motors....... or..............(F) Ford Motor Company?
Look up the 2011 Jan, Feb, Mar....Market Shares....  Ford's gaining.... GM's fading....

I support you can guess which Budget Plan I support!

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