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May 21, 2013 – Comments (0)

If you think about it....

Many of today's most innovative companies were started by college dropouts

Many of the technical graduate fields and professions are staffed by foreigners with H1B1 visas

Essentially all financial success can be attributed directly to borrowing $50 Trillion dollars from banks over the past thirty years, 10X more money than all previous generations combined

By borrowing so much, the past generation was able to turn a powerful producing nation into the largest consuming country in history yet still perceive wealth

Those same college grads accepted a food system that has become not very nutritious for their families

They implemented the most expensive health care system in the world that has not improved health

Many grads medicate their kids with drugs to confine them in boring classrooms producing substandard outcomes

Millions watch fabricated "reality TV' because their own lives are so unfulfilled

They listen to news that rarely offers much substantive information

Social conversations center around nonsense instead of contemplating issues that advance the human condition

They knowingly elect politicians that lie and attack others simply to control resources to keep consuming

Many work in unproductive jobs that can easily be eliminated or replaced with more efficient technology

They watched in silence as the rights their ancestors fought and died for were voluntarily stripped away simply to feel protected from illusory enemies

And now they too send their kids to college, not to learn, but for the social experience leaving them enslaved with an unprecedented debt burden and little prospect for productive jobs

Simultaneously, the bankers are cutting off credit destroying America's capacity to consume and their system....

....despite the mounting evidence of the system's failure, the college grads continue to worship the bankers as their gods....the same gods that are about to let them see that their college degree was simply a tool to make them debt dependent consumers instead of productive, creative, and innovative human beings

There is hope...but first there must be understanding of the truth that they are victims of the biggest banking Ponzi scheme in history

The current debt based industrial economy is both environmentally and financially failing globally. It is an unlimited growth model in a finite world. In order to extend a corrupted system, capital has now become debt that can't be paid back and pollution is killing millions around the world. Competition for resources is the catalyst for increasing conflicts while stress, tension and frustration are rising globally. Absent a change in systemic thinking, total global failure is inevitable. However, there is hope, unlike animals we humans can change and advance when confronted with the truth and/or a better alternative. UdderWorld's goal is to provide such an alternative.

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