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alstry (35.66)

Did Warren Buffett Just Punk The Industrial Age Rich?



January 31, 2011 – Comments (2)

The guy is pretty smart you know.... and you KNOW it's a DEPRESSION when incomes are sooo low and food and fuel prices are soooo high that even casinos can't even make money:

Largest Nev. casinos lose $3.4B during fiscal 2010

Watch the protests get louder and louder as more and more students can't find jobs and there is no one to bail them out....poor suckers, we convinced them and their parents to borrow tens of thousands of dollars only to have them face a job market with no jobs or low paying openings...

as millions can't afford to buy food and pay rent at the same time......

as even more can't afford to fill up their cars with gas to get to work.....

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING??????????????????????????????????????

And we borrowed trillions to bail out financial assets from being burdened with too much debt????  Huh?  And the Gardner Bros said nothing?

No wonder Warren Buffett sent a letter to his rich uncle thanking him for bailing out Warren, the grateful nephew.....because he would have been bankrupt too........

But now it is only mainstreet that is going bankrupt..the police, the schools, the is only America that is shutting down.......Warren is still flying on his jet with taxpayer bailed out money........but why did he write a letter to his rich uncle?.....why did he let the people know he was bailed out and they weren't?  Why did he give the people notice to get angry?

Why didn't Bill Gates write that letter...or at least sign it too?  Why is Bill Gates funding free education for the world which will likely put colleges and universities out of business?  Why.....the guy who dropped out of college to become the richest man on earth.....

Welcome to the Digital Age....Welcome to

An Age of Sustainable Prosperity for the world....

You think its time to nationalize the companies that were bailed out by taxpayers....after all, if taxpayers bailed them out, shouldn''t taxpayers own them?...and does it really matter if it is in your bankrupt pension/retirement plan or on government's books?  Is their really a difference anymore....practically and legally speaking of course?


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#1) On January 31, 2011 at 4:39 PM, alstry (35.66) wrote:

The saddest part about the parents who we lured into convincing their kids to go to college even though thet couldn't afford it.... we had millions take out home equity loans on homes crashing in value to waste on an education that will have little relevance in the Digital Age...

Poor suckers......and now college dropout Bill Gates can look right inside of your mortgaged living room with his new toy...

Now you see why Alstry is reactivating his law license....someone has to represent the might as well be someone who fully understands the problem in the

When life is a bunch of zeros and industrial age education has little use....

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#2) On January 31, 2011 at 6:30 PM, alstry (35.66) wrote:

My guess is Buffett realized that the stockmarket is really worthless in a world where propping up the stock market ends up starving most of the he made it obvious by writing his letter as a greatful nephew how improper the Fed's actions were by bailing out a few and destroying the economy.

Otherwise, just like Alstry, Buffett most certainly knew that printing money would cause food and fuel prices to skyrocket and the resulting distress would rip America apart....maybe that is why he bought ship America's food to Asia as we starve the American people?

A or B......I pick A.

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