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reddingrunner (92.45)

Do I own all these picks?



May 21, 2007 – Comments (0)

No.  I would never own this many stocks (or etf's).  For CAPS scoring it helps to have close to 100 picks so I use CAPS as a sort of watch list: these ARE my current 75 (or so) favorites.  Owning more than 25 stocks makes no sense - you'd be better off just putting all your money in a couple index funds.  

You shouldn't have more than 10% in any one stock (and rarely should you have more than that in any one sector).  But if you don't have the confidence to put at least 4% in a stock (1/25 of your portfolio), you don't really believe in it and you're just indexing.  If you have mutual funds, you shouldn't have more than 10 stocks.  In real life my portfolio consists of less than 20 funds and stocks with Apple being my biggest holding.

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