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Do you love the game?



May 22, 2008 – Comments (0)

Often times we see posted on the internet comments ranting against Government because of its incompetence.

Many people seem to believe there is some magic in a Government paycheck that turns peole who were formerly productive adults into incompetent dolts.

I think it is kind of tough to be an elected official, in that you cannot possibly have expertise in all the different issues you must address. You have to know medical issues and climate. Alternative energy and that it is different from renewable. Banking and Finance, and how pig farming works. Make one mistake and Abiteracatania could be bashing you on youtube for months.

And so our elected officials are forced to turn to experts, and where do you find them? Business.

Oil companys supply energy experts. Banks, supply financial advice. Drug companys supply medical expertise, and chemical industrys advise on safety.

At first it works nicely, but as time passes business realizes they can take advantage of Gov't and self serving advice becomes more and more excessive. Drug companys advise that speeded up drug approvals are needed and chantix and vioxx hit the market and begin to kill. Oil companys say climate change is not real, and renewables cannot work and there are no alternatives, give us Alaska. Coal is cheap say the miners and the true cost of mountaintop removal is never mentioned. And banks need lax lending standards and the right to multiply money, and less oversight so they can sell SIV's as AAA back to Governments and school districts and pensions while charging a fee for advising them what to buy.

What huge Gov't giveaway is not to a business? Medicare Plan D? Oil company subsidies? EPA cleanups after a business pollutes? Defense?

The American revolution tried to seperate the power of Church and State and strengthen individual rights. The next populist revolution will seperate the power of Business and State. I hope it happens in the US and without violence.

In the meantime the game goes on.

Is the housing bubble done popping? Can you feel the next investment bubble forming? Swelling under your feet? Has it already begun and when will it pop? The housing bubble was 50% larger than the tech bubble. Will it be 50% larger again? If you miss it you will slip behind. If you stay in too long you will be screwed. Are you already to late and how will you know?

I don't have the expertise or the answer to identify it. But I know it is coming and there is nothing to stop it. And in its wake it will leave more poverty behind than the housing bubble. How much money will the Government have to print to pay it off? And will you need to move from the top ten percent to the top five percent of the wealthy to overcome the inflation?

Do you feel the energy! Do you love the game!? Or are you scared as all get-out like me?


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