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Do you think BBBY will announce a dividend?



January 06, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BBBY

Bed Bath and Beyond have their quarterly report tomorrow. Since the insiders own almost 5% of the stocks it seems they will do anything to keep the stock prices up.

Even if they don’t make a dime selling their products they can make a fortune off investors. The insiders make about 12 million dollars per dollar the stock goes up. What would you do for 12 million times maybe 5 or 10? Would you hide some of your advertising and discounts to show more profit? Would lie and cheat?

If the building boom is over and they are selling products that flourish during a building boom do you really think they are off only 5% when others are off 38%?

If they can’t make it on selling products they can certainly make money off investors.

The insiders have already sold almost a million shares and I haven’t seen any buying. According to the report I looked in the WSJ they didn’t even buy at their low of 16.25.

I enjoy going to BBBy to shop but the products remind me of how Sears and J.C. Penney were with a little of Sharper Image thrown in.

But if they can keep the investors then what does it really matter how well the stores do.

Out of desperation I suspect they will offer a dividend to lure more investors. Invest invest and support the insiders. They really don’t need to sell any thing just get investors.

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