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Dollar Store Sliding?



April 04, 2008 – Comments (2)

You know the economy is bad when a store, Family Dollar, attempting under $10 pricing is seeing earnings decline by almost 1/3rd over a year ago.


On the side when you go to a news story are "most read stories."  I just clicked on a link "Pregnant man tells Oprah: It's a miracle."  So, it is a biologically born female who's been taking testosterone and has legally changed her idenity to "male."  I titled my blogger blog "Making Sense of My World..."  I definitely find it challenging, very confusing and bewildering at times...  Too bad that would be the top 10 link clicked on, and I added to it...


Here's a story that irks me, but at the same time gives some relief.  I did a lot of work to get smoking out of public places and to prevent kids from starting.  What the tobacco companies did in the 80s was they switched to buying a lot of their tobacco to places like Zimbabwe and they did a major squeeze on tobacco farmers in Ontario.  They did major lobbying with them and they succeeded in a big buyout package that was supposed to permanently reduce the amount of tobacco farming.  The tobacco farmers were a great lobby group for the entire lobby against those of us who were working for laws and regulations to increase the odds for kids to stay smoke-free.  Well, it wasn't more than a year or two after this big buyout that tobacco companies stopped squeezing Ontario farmers and there is actually more land involved in tobacco farming today then before tax payers paid this huge buyout.  So, now the tobacco farmers are at it again. 

I truly believe a role of government is to apply spillover costs to industries and tobacco has enormous spillover costs.  Here's one that never gets included in the equation, the costs to education from having addicted kids in your classroom that can't concentrate and are so distracted simply because they are going into nicotine withdrawal.  That couldn't possibly have anything to do with higher drop out rates for smokers versus non-smokers.  And smoking couldn't possibly play a role in adolescent development that you end up with school liason officers are mostly dealing with smoking youth.

I am relieved that it looks like goverment is saying no this time. 

Oh my, 80,000 jobs gone for March?  Thanks to reading Mish I have a better understanding of where these numbers come from and what is and isn't included.  One of the big things that people miss with these numbers is how the aging population affects them.  So, the base for employment is constantly changing to reflect the increasing proportion of people who are turning senior.  So, the ratio for the base for the employment numbers is constantly decreasing.  A simplification would be say over 10 years the percent of seniors increases from say 20% to 25% of the population.  These are pull numbers out of my head with no idea if they are reasonable and just to demonstrate the point.

Say over the 10 years the population also goes up 10%.  Now, working with just 100 people to start, you have about 50% in the workforce statistics for the base, or 50 people. Say unemployment is 4%, so 2 people not working, 48 working.  Ten years later you have 110 people, but now you have 45% making the base, or still 50 people.  With 4% unemployment you still have 48 people carrying the economy, but more people are being supported.

So, with the job report coming out, we can consider that it is now 47 people carrying the economy, but that base relative to total population that the employment numbers are calculated on is still decreasing. 

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#1) On April 04, 2008 at 11:21 AM, FoolishChemist (93.28) wrote:

I don't get what the big deal about the pregnant "man" is anyway.  He is still genetically a she and has the equiment of a lady.  So no big miracle.  Now if it was like the time Arnold Schwarzenegger became pregnant, then that'd be a miracle.

I had no idea they could grow tobacco in Ontario.  I always thought it was a warm weather plant that was grown in the Southeast.  Learn something new every day.

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#2) On April 04, 2008 at 9:09 PM, dwot (29.28) wrote:

FoolishChemist, that was my thoughts, what a dumb story.

Mish had a look at the jobs report and there are few other places the numbers are fudged. 

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