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Don't be a Hater!



September 14, 2011 – Comments (0)

Best Investment Advice anyone can tell you in my opinion is DO NOT BE A HATER!!!!

What do I mean?

Well...first of all.... I have no issues here with hating a stock because that company is doing unethical things....or has engaged in Corporate Cronyism....  There are legit reasons to hate a stock....that's fine....

But, what I am talking about is the tendancy for investors to HATE and ASPECT of a stock and fail to thus do any research beyond their personal hatred.

You have the "I hate BRICKS and MOTOR crowd" for example.....the best example...

These people will be set on AUTO-HATE of any stock that even remotely has a Bricks business.
And they spend times SHORTING or buying PUTS in such a stock without doing any research into what the company's OVERALL BUSINESS IS!!!    Because the vast majority could be outside of Bricks and Motor Retail and these HATERS do not even care to realize that fact....and to study these other aspects..... They are fixated.... they are OBSESSED little monkeys.

But, eventually they discover the other elements to the company's overall business and they resort to pathetic 1 liners and blubbering...  Cause once you HATE a stock for all the wrong reasons come heck or high water they will never abandon that position even after the discovery of information showing that the company has a SOLID and SUCCESSFUL  Digital business...

For HATERS.... HATERS go around basically throwing their hands up and exclaiming.."I don't understand this company's business... They suddenly want to do X.....and then now they are doing Y and Z things.....and they form a partnership with this other company....and I donno... This is just another BRICKS and MORTOR  (Radioshack) style company.....pathetic!!!!"

Well of course you have no clue and no understanding of the company's ....of the management's business model...  You sit there stewing labeling a company's business model as a bad business model when you never bothered to even learn what the business model even is! waste your time HATING things....

HATING  Hydraulic Systems....Who manufacturers that????  I'm going to short all manufacturers of Hydraulic Systems.... I don't even care what STOCK they are.....  SHORT SHORT SHORT!!!!

AUTO SECTOR??  Bleh!!!!!!   If it is an Auto Stock.....It deserves to be shorted!!!!!! I hate it!!!

I HATE  ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES!!!!!!!  Good grief????  I don't know anything about Disney's business strategy....I don't very little what they actually sell..... But, it is an entertainment stock so I am going to SHORT IT!!!!!!!

See where I am getting at?

Now if you are smart you will at least understand that many of these companies out there are cyclical and have periods of time that is WEAK and periods of time that is STRONG.  So if your HATRED leads you to blindly buy PUTS or SHORT something.....hopefully you'll do so with full understanding of the cyclical nature of the stock you are targeting.

Otherwise.....You are going to get eaten alive.

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