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fransgeraedts (99.68)

don't follow any of my individual stockpicks!!!



June 01, 2009 – Comments (1)

Just a short note. To my surprise some people out there pick a stock because i did. Now, i do think that following the choices of some of our best stockpickers here on Caps, is a very good idea. ZZlangerhans for example when it comes to biotech, or specbear and a few others when it comes to redthumb dud's, or BravoBevo on over the counter etc. . But please do not follow my individual stocks. Why, because i do not pick them. Let me repeat i do not pick individual stocks. Not on a fundamental basis, nor an a technical. My bets here are strictly sector bets, based on macroeconomic reasoning and on a technical analysis of the whole market and sectors within it. So by all means follow my general bets  ...for example i have been bullish on the financials for a long time now, i have become slowly more bullish on oils, and metals, and retailers and i have been bullish on the market as a whole. And i use certain health care stocks as a hedge (while still learning the rythm of biotech.)But do not follow me in choosing individual stocks!!



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#1) On June 22, 2009 at 5:39 PM, TigerPackFund (< 20) wrote:


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