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DON'T get BLOGGED DOWN! The other side of the "tail".



March 21, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: FUN

 I see a lot of friendly sparing going on as the market gyrations cause stress. Unfortunately, I see a lot of sparring that doesn't look friendly.   BULLS vs BEARS. 

 Can we hear the other side of the "tail" and not get overly critical?  Bulls and bears can make a VERY formable team!  They actually get along quite nicely and share some great attributes! 

 The info the TOP Fools share is very valuable, but if you read their blogs with a hard block wall of opinion already formed, whether you agree with them or disagree with them, you are still wasting your time!  I enjoy learning.  I’m having fun trading, and have hope for my investing.  I thank all the bloggers:

 1. The not so good score gaming bloggers who share encouragement or “learning tips”.  Don't start over, don't go away.  Game it your way. Learn and you will ALWAYS be a WINNER!

2.  The high scoring Bloggers who try to teach. Even if they are either over my head (I'm a poor student), or if they are sometimes "wrong", as there is no wrong or right, just learning.

3. The high scoring Bloggers who are gaming it, who have something to teach, even if their gaming it weakens their presentation skills and if they think everyone is gaming it, when most of us are just the audience or the students.

4.  And the high scoring, bearing bloggers, with little effort at teaching, but who give a dose of sobriety once in awhile.

Why read someone you agree with and get gushy in the comments.  What did you gain?

Why read a blog that you disagree with and comment with distain?  What did you gain?

 Is it better to be a bull or a bear?    (Shameless plug on an old blog).  In the OLD economy we were mostly bulls for investing, or bears on a sector or a few stocks.  Now we get "religion" and we are all bull or all bear, generally  bitter and often defensive!  Yes, the current market makes us mostly traders and not investors. Yes, you can score more here on caps with down calls than up calls, at least the past few months. This will change soon, (insert own definition of soon....teenage soon, or retiree soon).  

 I'm pretty new to making picks on CAP's, but I've been a fool for years.  It use to be great as an investor to read up on particular stocks, get some inside info, or additiona and con.  Now, however, blogs about individual stocks are rare. They are mostly all about "the market". While it's nice to follow "the market", or MR Market, as some allude to, what happened to seeing the trees through the forrest?  Either way, it was time for me to go back to school or get out "of the game".  Time to be a trader or time to hibernate.

Whether you make your points on low volume stocks or upcalls on stocks that still go down, just not the same amount as the S&P, you still have something to teach me.

Whether you make your calls on individual stocks, or on sectors, or ETFs this is your technique and you still have something to teach me. 

 There is a lot of criticism here on using ETF's to make points.  There is a lot of criticism here on using "un-shortable stocks" here on CAPs to make poings.  (I have it on good authority that you can short/trade just about everything. If you don't think you can't, read everydayinvestor).

  What's up with the criticism? If you are here to Game It, then Game It your style. if you are here to learn then be open minded. If you want to be critical because you have a wall up, then critique on your own blog. 

 If you are gaming it and don't like someone else's style then then game it on your own blog, but I can’t figure out why you would bother, unless you’re a sore loser?

 It's unclear to me why, if you are gaming it, that you can be critical of someone else's technique. If you play poker, you play with bluffers, statisticians, and gullible people and you take their money every time lady luck smiles on you.  If you play with cheaters, and you know they cheat, then you're a fool (unless they cheat so badly they lose anyway)!  If you don’t like their game, but they are playing by the rules, then SHOW them why your game is better.  If there are people in the audience trying to learn, and if they aren’t holding up mirrors or giving hand signals to the other gamers at the table, then how does that hurt you?

 Me?  I went from +1500 to -500 (a +98 to “nearly” propeller head) in a few weeks and I'm fighting back.  I'm gambling, learning, gaming (to myself), and picking ETF's from time to time here and in real life. I've learned enough to play with the fun money (not the milk, rent, or real investing money), to jump in and out of FAS after a two day trend.  I've been long investing MOO for months, but get stopped out occasionally, lucky for me! 

 I’ll play the trends, the FED, the Obamarama in and out. I’m trading, day trading, and still investing all at the same time.  In real life, and here in CAP’s,  I have some great LONGS that I won't set stops on.  They gyrate around, but I've done my fundamentals, put them up against Buffett philosophy, and they will do just fine.

 I'm learning that I use to play trends without knowing that I was doing it.  I can scan balance sheets in 5 minutes, decide if it's worth digging deeper or moving on, and realize scam balance sheets pretty quickly, (not always why they are scams, but enough to know that something smells).

 I still get bull-headed, then I get humbled, then I read some more top bloggers, then I try to apply something I've learned. I put a watch on things I disagree with or don't understand, (learning opportunities).  I game my way, but I change my game style as I learn.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I always "win" because I apply what I learn.

 I won’t name any more names here, but I learned more about TA than I ever thought I would care about, and I’m applying it where the fundamentals and TA align. (My Game).  I learned more about the market, the FED, the economy and why it is/did tank from the bears here than I could have gotten anywhere else.  I don’t like the delivery style of some of the bears, but I still read their blogs.  Some of the bulls don’t have a lot of logic, but sometimes I scan their blogs.  Some of the TA makes my head spin, but I have a good understanding of why it works and when it doesn't, and if main stream investors follow it, then it needs to be in my arsenal, (at least the trend and resistance points).

I just wish all the bloggers would try to get along, or leave their critiques in their own blogs!

Me:  I’ll just keep being me.   Some days I’m up, some days I’m down, some day’s I’m learning, some days I’m unlearning, some days I’m relearning, ALL DAYS I’m trying to have FUN!


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#1) On March 21, 2009 at 3:28 PM, EverydayInvestor (< 20) wrote:

Not really sure what you mean by referring to bloggers 'gaming it'. Perhaps referring to my bribing people to get recs? While I like teaching people stuff, I would stop blogging if I didn't occasionally find useful comments or critiques (such as by luvb2b on my non TMF blog).

I probably have a harder time taking criticism than anybody, but the whole point of, well, everything is to learn, and you cannot do that without an open mind (and critical thinking about your and others' beliefs).

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#2) On March 21, 2009 at 4:09 PM, TSIF (99.98) wrote:

Sorry everyday.  All Bloggers are good for "larning" opportunities.   Not all bloggers are "gamers".

Most of the top scorers here on CAP's are gamers.  They spend a lot of time working on their score. Nothing wrong with that either!  CAPs IS a game!  Game ON!  It doesn't game as well as poker when everyone sits down at the table at the same time.  Time takes sides, especially in this economy where not only don't we have straight lines, we don't have consistant trends, (unless you know what wave you are in, starting or ending!).

Some of the top scorers, however, spend more effort getting their "Game On" and launching tauts than I think most of the Caps players care to read about.  But as long as they taut on their own blog then go for it.  They are entitled to their opinions, humble or not, but they detract from what I believe we are agreeing mind and as you said in a sentence better than I did in a few pages....critical thinking in both directions. Nicely put!

That is not to say that top (or low) scorers should not disagree on other people's blogs. That is also how we learn and gather information.  I guess my point, if I am making one, hard to tell sometimes, is that the Blogs back and forth and the comments back and forth that are ONLY tauting or only gaming with little substance are in general of little use to the reader and the writer. 

Just my opinions, (nothing humble about them).

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