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Don't Mess With My Beautiful Looking Chart!!!



September 15, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: WHR

That's right... I'm talking to YOU sitting there frustrated cause there's no Football game on tonight.... Just want you to take some time off from drooling over your fantasy football winning team that spanked the other guy by 100 pts in Week 1 thanks to drafting/starting Adrian Peterson or Drew Brees....

Look at that CAPS chart of mine....  That's a beautiful chart.. Would you invest in a stock that had the exact same shape of chart??  Assuming fundamentels of the stock were solid?

Of course you would!!!  Heck... With over 6,100 CAPS points... My Chart looks like it could be Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway  C Shares.  Or something... Maybe G shares.... Q??

So don't mess with my CAPS chart... Don't go thinking that NOW.... NOW... FINALLY NOW.... OMG!!!!!  NOW NOW NOW.... I must go marching forth to buy SHORT  ETFs.....PUTS on everything!!!  SHORT SHORT SHORT every stock in the market!!!!   OVERVALUED!!!!!!!!!  EVERY ONE IS TOO BULLISH!!!!  MELTDOWN!!!!   BLOOD IN THE STREETS!!! RUN!!


Cause....well.... That ain't happening.... You start doing that.. And my chart goes to HECK.. and I go from 6,100+ CAPS points to  NEGATIVE 6,100+  CAPS and I'll be so darned disappointed that I just may throw in the towel...

You don't build your portfolio up from the disasterous 2008 just to get slammed again in Q4 2009!!

You don't spend heart ache... after heart ache.. looking at every stock you bought in 2008 tank, get slaughtered... for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL.... day in and day out.... and witness a March Bottom Bounce... Feel all that JOY as the market goes to 7,000....8,000....9,000....9,600....

And then WAM... what?  Market collapses??  What was all the buying I did in 2008 for??? If that's the thanks I get?

P.S. Compare my CAPS chart with the 6 month chart for  (WHR)  they are practically identical.

WHR and my chart are exact replicas of each-other.  But that's how the market works... When things go good... every stock tends to bend to the will of the bulls. 

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