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alstry (< 20) money fraud



November 10, 2012 – Comments (0)

It's not the end of the world...just the end of a world as you knew it


Are You Ready For A Global Money Collapse?
All industrial economic systems are dynamic pyramid schemes. These pyramids require infinite growth of money to sustain the structure. Bankers are at the top of the industrial pyramid. They create the money that funds the system. Industrial money is called currency which is simply the
proceeds of private and public loans from bankers.

In specialized industrial systems, very few us produce what we consume. We all depend on the production of others for our survival. Pyramids become fraudulent Ponzi Schemes if money creation is not based on production. However, too much industrial production is not sustainable
for 7 billion people. Environmentally, the planet cannot biologically handle the waste from its current population consuming industrially.

To keep currency growing but contain waste, bankers were forced to turn the industrial pyramid into a Ponzi scheme. First bankers sold us fraudulent stocks to drive the cashflow into the game. Then Wall Street induced us with fraudulent mortgages to fund the system with even more
currency. Without the fraudulent creation of money, the Ponzi scheme would have failed. The irony is during this entire period, most people who identify themselves as financial professionals were not aware of how their system really worked. Warren Buffett was an exception.

In pyramids, those on top benefit from the efforts of those on the bottom. Without the labor and production of those on the bottom, there is no top.  We crossed the line when we started funding the pyramid with PUBLIC DEBT. Such debt cannot be the basis for PRIVATE WEALTH in a democracy claiming freedom. PUBLIC DEBT is an obligation against the future production of all citizens. The proceeds of PUBLIC DEBT belong to everybody in the nation....not just those on top. When those on top retain financial control that rightfully belongs to those on the bottom, the top is simply stealing money.

By enforcing FRAUDULENT DEBT that can't be paid back, money today is enslaving our children


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