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DPS Q1 Sales might blow you away....



January 31, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

DISCLOSURE:  I own 526 shares of DPS and therefore biased since this is my retirement stock.

What I tell people and continue to tell people and will keep on doing it is no book, no website, no nothing is better than a paying a visit to the "Store."

And in the case of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group that means paying a visit to your local Grocery Store.
And since Walmart gets the vast majority of all grocery business where I in Michigan......  That means going to Walmart to do my grocery shopping while eyeballing what products are getting sold out.


Imagine my pleasant surprise to see EVERY SINGLE  2 liter Dr. Pepper Snapple Group product except Country Time Lemonade and Crush in the Soft Drink Aisle sold out!!!!  100% sell out!

What was sitting on the shelf was just 1 bottle of Country Time Lemonade and some 2 liters of Crush Orange, Grape, etc. and 3 bottles of Diet 7UP Anti-Oxident.

The lone Country Time Lemonade 2 liter...well... I bought it:-)  So that actually became SOLD OUT.

A)  7UP                            SOLD OUT
B)  7UP Anti-Oxident         SOLD OUT (except for 3 bottles of the Diet Version)
C)  A&W Root Beer            SOLD OUT
D)  VERNORS                   SOLD OUT
E)  Reg and Diet  Dr. Pepper        SOLD OUT
F)  Dr. Pepper Cherry          SOLD OUT
G)  Canada Dry                  SOLD OUT
H)  SUNKIST                      SOLD OUT
I)   Country Time Lemonade (Pink and Regular flavors)          SOLD OUT   

There were still plenty of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain dew, Faygo on the shelves.... Plenty of that...

But.. you want a Dr. Pepper Snapple Group product.... You have to find it in a version less than 2-liter or you are out of luck at that Walmart store.

Talk about.....amazing:-)

I have to say... my personal experience means little in the investment world.... But, it is something that definitely acts as a convincer that maybe I should buy more shares of DPS while the share price remains oversold below $30.00 a share.

DPS should be trading in the 30s awhile ago.... It refuses to..... So this is an opportunity to jump on board a stock that pays 15 cents a share dividend at slightly higher than 2% yield for a possible gain of 3+ pts.

Don't take my word for it.... Just see for yourself which products are getting more attention....

DPS has made headwinds into Market Share Gains in 2008 and if I am not mistaken also 2009.
I think this trend continues stronger then ever in 2010....what with the Super Bowl Commercial coming up.

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