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Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) is still a wait! Buy Monday



May 08, 2008 – Comments (0)

looks like the market is going to tank tomorrow.  Forget the 10 cent drop on DPS as I believe a larger drop is in store for DPS by closing bell tomorrow.

Instead of playing DPS by daytrading your purchase price tomorrow..... Wait Monday.  Be patient and let DPS reveal its true initial value to you.

It is unfathomable to imagine DPS at $21 a share, however it is trending down.  The chart looks bad.  So....Maybe place a $21 a share limit buy and see if it does reach that low this month or this year.  No reason to throw your money at a price when DPS is too new to conduct any reasonable analysis...  How do you assess DPS's future outlook other than your personal, biased, emotional, opinion of how good their drinks taste.

What about DPS's management?  Can't be that great when Snapple has not advertised/marketed for a long time and sales have suffered as a result.  17% of America's soft drink market?  That's insane when you see the huge list of top quality beverages.

I don't like to hear a C.E.O. whine about the economy either.

DPS is not as good a stock as I had originally thought.  It isn;t. 

So???   Be patient and buy as low as DPS will go.  I see $21 a share as a good start.
Already the volume drops more than 50% from its 1st day.  That's a bad sign showing how inflated DPS still is!

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