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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Tender Offer



June 18, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

So.....Back in July 1st 2008 there was a TRC Capital 3rd party   4 million shares  tender offer deal....
Basically... Dr. Pepper Snapple Group DID NOT endorse this tender offer.... And the tender offer was an obvious rip-off to shareholders.....   Asking for $20.00 a share.

Now I receive an e-mail yesterday about another tender offer this year.  Unfortunately, there's no information about it in the e-mail (there never is).  I have to call Scottrade to see if this is another 3rd party tender offer rip-off or whatever...

I checked Dr. Pepper's website and this time there is no company mention of this tender offer and so therefore I imagine Dr. Pepper isn't endorsing this one either in my opinion.

Sooooooo.... oh well.... I am passing on this whatever the heck price it is....

If the Tender was for $100 per share.... I would still happily pass up on this....  I am keeping my shares until retirement and enjoying the dividend payments as I get them.

DPS is a retirement stock.   You can't give up your shares of such a stock for anything cause you never know what DPS will trade at 10 years from now...... you never know how many if any stock splits occur... you never know....

Dr. Pepper just got distribution rights to distribute Vita Coco  beverages.....     Insiders have been buying this stock as high up as $36.07.     It is obvious to me that the stock price remains cheap below $40.00 a share.

Forget Pepsi and Coca-cola.....  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is an uptrending market share beverage company outperforming it 2 bigger brothers over the past 2 years..... Coca-Cola has been losing market share and volume while Dr. Pepper's CSDs have been gaining volume.....  The resurrection of Snapple Teas is also a huge huge story still in its infancy.

So go ahead..... Offer me some generous tender offer whomever you are..... I'll say no no no no and keep my shares laughing all the way to the bank.

I strongly support (DPS) as perhaps the BEST  non-alcoholic beverage company in America.

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