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Drink some Dr. Pepper Snapple Rocket???



July 01, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

Why is my stock rocketing up like Dr. Pepper and Snapple are going out of style?

Share price has surged to $22.45.... Up 6% at the peak already this trading day.  NO NEWS.. NO PRESS Release.... Nothing.

Granted.. I stand by my belief in how ridiculously oversold and undervalued (DPS) happens to be and I am a buyer of the stock for as long as this one remains less than $30 a share.

DPS hasn't done a thing wrong.... It's on ZACKS #1 Strong Buy list.... They continue to beat earnings estimates and the Q2 earnings are going to be absolutely through the Stratosphere (in spite of continued weakness in Venom & Snapple premium beverages).

Snapple does seem to be turning a corner and I think its sales bottomed out in Q2 thanks to the introduction of absolute winning flavors:

1) Snapple GREEN TEA:   Awesome!  Don't forget to shake the drink before hand though as if you don't shake you won't get that cold Green Tea taste.  This drink is healthy...low in sodium...I don't think it has any sugar in it..  It has antioxidant for increasing metabolism.  This beverage is a winner!

Other new Snapple beverages come to mind from their new Natural Flavor campaign look.  I think Snapple's sales start to see real growth in 2010.

There's no reason right now NOT to buy (DPS) below $24.00 a share.... Fine and dandy I guess that investors are buying the stock in an absolute hurry... more power to them....

But...I still think 6% skyrocket .... A movement not seen except during a Fireworks Show for 4th July Celebrations...MEANS something is up.. Someone knows something..... maybe an early peak at Q2 earnings report?

I don't need an early peak at Q2. You have no idea of the truck loads and truck loads of DPS branded beverages are Crammed into my Refridgerator on a weekly basis.

CRUSH sales are absolute CRUSHING expectations beyond belief.   Cost cutting moves by DPS are making headway against the rising price of OIL.

What's not to like?  When you have a company full of so many positives... Why on Earth is the Best stuff on Earth priced less than its IPO price of $26.50?

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