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ECON 501: The Economics’ of Daddy Yankee (Puerto Rico) vs El Medico (Cuba)



March 07, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: AOBC , OLN , RGR

Obama’s populist message of “equality”, “change”, “fairness” and continued photos with police and the military has sent the US stock market to record lows and gun sales to record highs.

Most Americans may not understand what it means to live in a closed socialist economy, where the government ensures “equality and fairness” distribution of wealth VS an open, capitalist economy, where things are NOT fair and the FREE market ensures capital moves to those that employ it efficiently NOT based on “fairness or equality”.  

Today, we will call the best of the best from the Rap World of the Caribbean, to show us how they are living. Let us take a look how these two roll, observe the neighborhoods, clothes, vehicles ETC….

Daddy Yankee (PR) VS El Medico (Cuba) 

FYI- Daddy Yankee is one of the most popular Rappers to come out of the island of Puerto Rico. Ramón Ayala, known artistically as Daddy Yankee, was born in Río Piedras the largest district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. PR is an OPEN Democracy, under the US dollar system, CAPITIALIST system, free press, freedom of speech, freedom of travel, under a US federal system etc….

FYI - El Medico is one of the most popular Rappers to come out of the larger island of Cuba. El Medico was born and resides in Santiago de Cuba. He is one of the pioneers of the reggaetón music on Cuba. He attended the University of Santiago in Cuba in 1993 where he studied medicine. He graduated in 2002, specializing in general medicine. In addition to his music career, he is also a family doctor in Cuba (Ref: Wikipedia). Cuba is a COMMUNIST / SOCIALIST dictatorship, closed political system, planned economy, tied to the imploded communist block, NO freedom of travel or freedom of speech, the government ensures “fair and equal” distribution of wealth etc….      

Show us how you live and roll Cuba!  El Medicooooooo! :


Show us how you live and roll Puerto Rico! DADDY Yannnnkkkkkkkeeeeeee! :


HD Official version here:

You want some more? Well, unfortunately there is not many videos coming out of Cuba…but of course Puerto Rico has got plenty! Daddy Yankee! 

There are complex reasons for the differences in the situations in Cuba and Puerto Rico. But the simple answer can be provided by Milton Friedman here: 


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#1) On March 07, 2009 at 5:58 PM, abitare (29.68) wrote:

Again, this is a big discussion made simple. There are at least 20+ Daddy Yankee videos. Several with over a million views. El Medico is the only video from Cuba, I can find with over a million views.

Daddy Yankee Street party in Puerto Rico here:

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#2) On March 09, 2009 at 6:39 PM, SuperPicks (28.45) wrote:

Wow, definitely not a lab-driven scientific observation, but interesting, nonetheless.

But seriously, how can you compete with masked breakdancers?? That's just not fair.  ;)

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