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November 20, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Thank You Rush Limbaugh!!!

I put a truck load of cash in this stock at $4.10 / $4.15.   The thing is more than 10 cents above my price point and I am already experiencing an insane gain in investment.

The real truth is that High Risk Investing works more often than not if you put together a smart evaluation strategy together and truly go after the fundamental research of a company.

ZICAM may have problems with the FDA and with a pending civil lawsuit..... ZICAM may have competitor products on the market that do the same thing...perhaps for less....

Nontheless, most people aren't going to abandon the drug that was the FIRST product on the market and thus the BEST product on the market for taking care of your colds so they don't take care of you.

ZICAM is a tremendous product.... It is a NEED instead of a WANT product.

Today's skyrocketing price action in ZICAM comes on news that MATRIX has responded to the FDA and furthermore is demanding by way of FOIA request for what if any evidence the FDA has that ZICAM's nose products cause loss of smell.

I think investors are thinking there is now a good chance that the FDA doesn't have evidence and thus without evidence/facts.... the legal lawsuit case will be founded on nothing but heresay.

Regardless of the pending results of FDA scrutiny and the pending Lawsuit case against Matrix Initiatives, it is just a great thing to see Matrix fight back for the sake of their company and their shareholders and employees.... and for the sake of a great, wonderful, drug that helps you reduce the effects of allergies, flu, or common cold.  (ZICAM comes in 3 different flavors...FLU, Allergy, and Cold).

ZICAM is not your typical 1 hit wonder....  ZICAM is a breakthrough drug that has lots of potential to produce tremendous sales even inspite of the Nasal Brand being pulled off the shelves.

ZICAM works.....  ZICAM thus will survive... And given MTXX's ridiculously, critical RSI situation...oversold status... It is no surprise the stock price is jumping up big today.

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#1) On November 24, 2009 at 1:19 PM, ElRemaro (79.91) wrote:

I certainly hope you are right.  I do have a little bit of real money in this company.  I am very unhappy with the withdrawl of this product from the market.  I have used it since 2000 without any loss of smell.  At 66 years of age, I still enjoy the smells of wine, vanilla, cinnamom, flowers, and have no trouble detecting the smell of natural gas and petroleum products.  FDA is certainly wrong on this issue.  This is the most effective product for reducing the distress of the common cold I have ever used.  I am worried that Matrix's competetors are trying to eleminate the competetion. 

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