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Evan Wilson says "NO!" to Gamestop Tablet



July 13, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BBY , GME

EVAN WILSON (Pacific Crest) says "NO!" to Gamestop Tablet
So let me get this straight...i.e. correct me if I am wrong in this logic...
On the one hand...

Evan Wilson says "Trading in your video games at Best Buy for Store Credit is better than Gamestop for Store Credit cause you can buy stuff other than video games at Best Buy."

So I am thinking...what other stuff?

Well..there's Televisions I suppose...
There's.....Computer Equipment, Printers, Accessories.... Cell Phone and Accessories....

Oh wait... You can use the store credit to buy Tablets.

Then Evan Wilson says (paraphrased),

"Tablets tried to defeat the IPAD have failed and Gamestop creating a tablet right now is pointless. Apple IPAD is the only selling tablet out there."

So I am thinking...well..ok..let's say the only Tablet worth its bother right now is the APPLE IPAD.

Best Buy sells "The Nook," "Kindle," "The Galaxy," HP branded Tablets, "The Playbook," and Microsoft's Tablet...pretty much sells all of the tablets! Not just the IPAD.

So, it is a bad thing for a Bricks and Mortor company to sell tablets not named IPAD only if your company is GAMESTOP???

If your company happens to be called "Best Buy" well...I guess Evan Wilson is ok with that?

Is Evan Wilson suggesting Gamestop's Tablet idea is Pathetic, misguided, junk??

Or is it more along the lines that Evan doesn't want Gamestop to start selling Tablets and Mobile Phones and destroy the entire purpose of Best Buy opening up Small Mobile Phone Shops right next to Gamestop in the Shopping Malls.

Think about it... What would be the biggest NIGHTMARE for Evan Wilson right now is if Gamestop sold Tablets and Phones cause I checked the malls... The Best Buy Mobile stores are positioned right next door to GAMESTOP in my local malls.

They are right next door, so, someone walks by a Gamestop and sees a Tablet and some Mobile Phones.

Why would they shop at the Best Buy Mobile Store? They wouldn't.

Evan Wilson can play this game about how Best Buy is going to destroy Gamestop but to suggest Gamestop should stay out of the Tablet business? That's *FEAR* not *LOGIC* coming from Evan Wilson.

Therefore.... This investor lowers his rating on Best Buy (which recently had its credit rating lowered by a credit agency) to underperform.   Afterall, if/when Gamestop takes Tablet and Mobile Phone market share away from Best Buy, Best Buy having its credit rating lowered means trouble in terms of borrowing money to try and undercut Gamestop on pricing.  Gamestop doesn't pay out dividends either and does not have to worry about that quarterly expenditure on their books like the Big Box store Best Buy has to.  Two can play at that game Pacific Crest:-)

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