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alstry (< 20)

Eventually....The Money Simply Runs Out..........



January 22, 2010 – Comments (2)

Unless of course you are a Wall Street bankster and buddies wtih Benny the B and Timmy the G. 


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- California will need to raise $2.7 billion to avoid a cash shortage in the current fiscal year, according to State Controller John Chiang on Friday. Chiang told Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislators in a letter that California will drop below its $2.5 billion minimum cash balance by $1.3 billion by the end of March. If the state does not raise the money, it may have to resort to issuing IOUs again this year, Chiang said.

Mr. Chiang is using very optimistic revenue projections.......CA will need to raise a LOT more than he currently things....or is at least stating publicly.

Very interesting times indeed as MASSIVE NUMBERS OF BUSINESSES are abruptly shutting down and/or firing workers.

For people living and working in Wrightstown, gassing up their cars isn't as easy as driving to the neighborhood gas station any more.  The village has -- or had -- two gas stations on either side of the bridge over the Fox River, but last weekend both stations abruptly closed, forcing people to drive farther to fill up.

Slideshow: Retailers Likely to Close Stores in 2010 

The Augusta Museum of History Closing Its Museum Store

Margarita's Mexican restaurant + Foot Locker Closed this Week at Tower Place Mall

Coastal Lumber Company is closing its Buckhannon facility - 30 Jobs Affected

Cheboygan Memorial will close its Maternity Ward April 1st.

Greenwood Lake Newspaper 

PNC Financial Services Group Closing Port St Lucie Branch Fl, and Several Other in the Coming Months 

Koglin German Royal Hams in Grand Central Terminal NY

Suncoast Motion Picture Co at Ocean County Mall NJ

Prime Steak and Seafood at McNary Golf Club

Parker Furniture in Columbus Mississippi 

Red Cross Food Pantry in Waltham Boston

3 National Chains Closing 5 Store in Jacksonville

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#1) On January 22, 2010 at 6:07 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

 American Airlines - 130 Pilots Over Next Few Months

Tyson Foods Inc Council Bluffs Plant - 480

If Benny The B's recovery lasts much longer....pretty soon practically no one will have a job.....maybe that is what he wants.....simply to oursource America and run its operations at a much lower cost in Asia????

Welcome to Global Warming....where tensions heat up around the world.

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#2) On January 22, 2010 at 6:10 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

For those of you still clinging on to Benny The B's hype....

The BLS today released yet another data point confirming the double-dip is finally here: in December 44 states reported a statistically sginficiant decline in employment. "Over the year, 44 states experienced statistically significant changes in employment, all of which were decreases. The largest statistically significant job losses occurred in California (-579,400), Texas (-276,000), Illinois (-237,300), Florida (-232,400), and Michigan (-207,100). The smallest statistically significant decreases in employ- ment occurred in South Dakota (-10,900), Delaware (-12,100), and Montana (-13,700)."

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