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EVERYBODY is now a SUBPRIME Borrower



May 31, 2013 – Comments (0)

How America allowed poverty AFTER it bailed out its bankers and wealthy still escapes me.....

Mortgage Debt was PRIVATE debt.....and when bankers fraudulently lent too much money to private homeowners the financial system collapsed....and when it did, we bailed out the bankers and those that benefited from the bankers.....and we did it by a GOVERNMENT bailout.

However, Government Debt is EVERYONE's debt......

And the bankers loaned TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of... dollars to EVERY government in the part to bail themselves out.

Now we will learn that this debt never could be paid back in what will be viewed as the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME in human a some benefited a lot more than most.

For now, this debt is the wealth of the few.......

But when everyone realizes this debt can't be paid back.....every bank in the world will go bankrupt and the 1% will realize they are no different than the 99%......

Once we are all equal....maybe we will learn to cooperate and treat each other a bit better as new technology drives a sustainable and abundant world for ALL, and not just the few

Welcome to the

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