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EVERYONE Working For Wall Street Would Be Unemployed And Bankrupt Without The MASSIVE Taxpayer Hand Out



November 20, 2011 – Comments (0)

This is what Warren Buffett admits:

Pretty Good for Government Work

The irony....we would be seeing a bunch of whining, crying, screaming bankers and those that work for or benefit from Wall Street companies protesting too.

When the TAXPAYER bails out Wall Street and Not Main a system based on jobs and money to survive and function.......those that are bailed out by the taxpayer are the state sponsored masters of those that are not.

One could argue that you have created the equivelent of state sponsored slavery of one class over another. 

When most of America don't work for Wall America is inevitable the system will collapse as the slaves eventually realize what happened.

Californians cut spending, in contrast to state government

In my experience, once a person loses their job and runs out of savings.....they finally understand what happend.

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