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January 19, 2012 – Comments (0)

Motley Fool was about capitalism....and capitalism was about the allocation of scarce resources.

But as the world's population grew to over 7 billion......and we polluted the heck out of the planet.....and resources became increasingly limited......everything started to collapse.....including Motley Fool, the quality of the site and its advice.

The Fools started looking the other way at fraudulent accounting, even when it was brought to their attention.....when everything collapsed, bailing out Wall Street and NOT Main Street was OK, despite the fact the millions of their fellow citizens suffered, and many died in the process from suicide and other disease.......government handing the rich $24 trillion dollars was just fine........and why?

Because the Fools were were they going to continue to get their allocation of scarce resources if they didn't support the failed system that gave it to them in the first place.

They were willing to compromise their morals for their greed.......this is known as TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS.

Tragedy of the commons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is amazing how people lie, cheat, steal and look the other way when they perceive their own comfort is in jeopardy.  And the Fools were no different as Alstry tried to raise the issues of morality in a system that was breaking down....but few cared.

Capitalism simply doesn't work with:  one planet, 7 billion people, and limited resources.

It's just the math and the behavior has proved it out.

Now there are very few choices left as the world tries to divide up increasingly scarce resources in a banrkupt world.  The natural choice is to fight for it....and that is the direction we are heading.

But there is anudder way


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