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Exposing the Secret Motley Fool Formula



March 05, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Yes folks!!  I am going to get in trouble here for exposing to the world the secret Motley Fool Formula to determine what stocks deserve only 2 CAPS Stars or less.

The following must be the case:

A)  The Company must buy back all of their debt so that they are debt free.

B)  The Company must buy back millions of their outstanding shares.

C)  The Company must hand investors at least 15 cents a share in dividend payments.

D)  The Company must start up at least one new line of business and show clear evidence of its growth potential.
E)  Finally, the Company must  acquire at least 3 different companies.

Yes!! folks...  If you can say YES!!!!  to all 5 items above then your stock is worth a pathetic, paltry, 2 CAPS STARS or 1 CAPS STAR.


So sayeth the secret Motley Fool Formula.

/End of Sarcasm   (Actually there really isn't anything such as a Secret Motley Fool Formula is there?)

On another note:  GME qualifies for all 5 with their Apple Trade-in program being just 1 new line of business they have introduced with solid growth.  IMPULSE would be another avenue that has generated solid digital growth.

IMPULSE now being advertised as PC DOWNLOADS inside Gamestop stores now with displays.

The logic behind it is one I agree with.  Spread the digital dnloading wealth around to your Bricks businesses so as not to canabalize your bricks stores with your PC DOWNLOADS application.

The company seems to be changing and adapting to an ever evolving, technologically progressing world.  Short sellers have chosen to short Gamestop on the "Hurricane Season" premise.

What's the Hurricane Season premise?  It is the premise that if I keep saying that THIS YEAR is going to be a great Hurricane Season....and I keep saying that every single year.....eventually I will be correct one year and I can then BOAST and BRAG about how I am psychic to everyone and slap myself on the back and declare Victory.....making sure everyone is none the wiser that I was wrong about the Hurricane Season Activity in the previous 20 years.

I was finally proven right 1 year!!!!

So I'll keep shorting GAMESTOP for 20+ years in the hopes to be correct one year.

That's the logic among the SHORT SELLERS as far as I can tell...  Against the factual logic of the bulls, I think the short sellers have nothing.

DISCLOSURE:  I own 1180 shares of GME and will reinvest the dividends. 

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