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Express (EXPR) Bright Future or Dud? A (Almost) Full analysis!



February 23, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EXPR , ANF , GES

Express!  I simply love this store.  This is where I Buy 97 pct of my clothing.  I don't buy socks and boxers from this place cause I think its a rip-off.  But anyways, their clothes are trendy, always changing, and I don't ever see Express getting "old"


Maybe 5 years from now?  But they are not like Abercrombie which is more for the 13 to 20 year old.  The After college student shops at Express, their business attire is nice, and no one will look down on you if you say I shop at Express Unless your 40, or 50.  This place is the new "in" store for the 20 to 35 year old.   

They are probably one of the best clothing sites at treating their email subscribers well, every 2 or 3 days they have a new sale, or special.  I almost can't stop ordering stuff online from them.

Their 5 Top Executives make a total of 6.24 Million dollars.  CEO takes up about 50 percent of that.

That isn't too much if you think about it.  Last year their net income was 92 million, so if you look at it, from that perspective, their not that greedy.



P/e Ratio   

Guess    15.98  Forward P/e  13.41

Express 23.32   Forward P/e  11.66

Abercrombie 47.78  Forward P/e  14.22



Guess  2.93

Express .76

Aber   1.17


Operating Margin

Guess     %16.51

Express   %10.31

Aber       %6.94

Market Cap

Guess  4.32B

Express 1.56B

Aber    4.92B


Express has 82 million in Cash, their debt is around 350 million.

I love that Forward P/E and to me this is a good stock for 2011.

I see this out-performing the market by 30-50 pct, as we see consumers spend more in 2011.

We do have to worry about higher prices commodities like yarn and fabric/cotton and all that good stuff.  But Express buys this stuff well in advance.  How much in advance? I wish I knew.  

Express had their best Black Fridays eve and things are looking up for this clothing retailer. 

CEO makes a great point: those in there twenties have more disposal income than those in their thirties. “They make less money, but they have more money to spend,” said Weiss.

“They don’t have alimony, they don’t have child support, they don’t have tuition, and what they do have, they spend it on themselves.”









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