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Failure of leadership to just say no... no to tyranny.



June 18, 2013 – Comments (1)

So where was  Google ~  Face-book ~ Yahoo ~  Apple ~  ATT ~ Verizon  and other  co-conspirators  who  like  Black berry  simply  gave it up when  confronted by governments.

Instead they kept  their mouths  shut  and went  along with whatever  whenever  tinkers  decided to install  special  splitters  into  their  infrastructure  so  as  to  for a lack of a  stronger word  ~~~ basically  tyranically  spy  on  people  who they should  fear  instead of  obstruct ~  dominate  ~  and  terrorize.

Its sad  to  hear  that  google  went  along  with  this  given  how  they  stood up  to  China  when  China  attempted  similiar measures.

So  why didn't  anyone simply  say no ?  what do you think  would  have happened ?  Storm troopers ?  IRS ? DEA ? NSA ?  ATF ?  armed to the hilt  or  did  they fear governmental  lawyers and  tinkers coming  in to  public domain  all  their  accomplishments and  trade secrets.

I almost wanted to scream  at  the tv  when  those idiots  from gov-ment  tried  to claim  credit  for  the  failed  2010  attempted bombings  in  New York.

PLease  can they  stop lying for just one  second  and  speak like we  are not idiots or  fearful cowards willing  to give up liberty for  nothing  but lies.

Now  Google ~  Fake book ~   and  the others  want to  get permission to speak about how they co-operated into  the  spying  on  persons.

Its kind of  like  your  cheating  ex  wanting  to  explain  why  he or she  did what she or he did and why  its not  their fault  but  yours.

So  we  supposedly  have a secret court  that  secretly  speaks with certain secret  people  who  secretly spend  money  borrowed  from  the masses  so  as  to secretly  or not so secretly  spy  as  I  have had been  privy to  these  squid  suckers  for  longer than they  think.

I think if  we  were to allow  the average person to see the cost benefits  they'd  shut them down  in an instant.

These same  fools  now  are talking about  arming  the same  al- whatever them terrorists call themselves in  Syria.

NSA  aren't  thwarting  but are  souring  and  are p!ssing  on  the constitution  enacted by some of  the best men  of  the last  400 years.


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#1) On June 19, 2013 at 10:39 AM, Louebsch (< 20) wrote:

If they lied about spying on us, what else have they lied to us about?

unemployment numbers? debt numbers? bailouts given away? amount of gold in fort knox? drone killings? wars that have been started? TSA radiation? GMO foods? election results? etc.

The real question is, what is not a lie?

At least with the WWE we know  what's real and what's not.

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