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Fake book oh my



May 21, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: FB

Let me start by saying that I  have  little love  for FB...

I would have loved to buy it short on the open  in real life but it's funny how in life as on TMF  the rules of the game  are different for different people.

It was funny to read of fellow  fools complaining that they couldn't get in on the IPO.

I kept my mouth shut,  but I kind of knew such BS  was coming.

It was  truely mind wiping to see it trade down to 38  on its open and to suddenly  watch my trading platform  go  crazy seeing 99999 bids  when the price  hit  38.

I'm no where near  a sophisticated investor - trader -  human  by many a snobs and down-lookers standards,  but I  found  the rigged game  even  more laughable  as  they rigged the price  of  FB  on friday  so as to keep it from  breaching  38 a share.

Lets not  even talk about  how reports and confirmations  of  orders and positions being a problem.

Did they think  FB  was  a  mutual fund and that price  needs to be determined at the end of the day ? LOL.  I doubt it.

Supposedly  it was  all  NASDAQ's  fault ?

But  come on people.

Really ?

Is FB  really  worth  the price they priced it at ?  who  benefited ?

The sellers.

Talk about  greed,  they squeezed every last penny that they could and than they increased the share amounts being sold away.

The reason so many retail  customers  got in on the IPO  was because of the lack of interest among the pros.

According to Tom and not the tom  from Myspace ??  LOL

"It was the worst  IPO  of  all  time."


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#1) On May 21, 2012 at 12:39 PM, L0RDZ (90.23) wrote:

Is this the beginning of the end for FB ?

Save your money...

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