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Fake internet hack crashes market for a few seconds...



April 23, 2013 – Comments (1)

Amazing...   an associated  press  twitter  account gets  hacked and   spouts  out a  fake news  story

 about  the white  house  and  POTUS being bombed and   injured...

Dow goes from  over 100  to  negative  12  in  seconds...

Than  suddenly  recovers  as   word gets out   this was  a  fake and a  hack ?

Ever  wonder   how   the  flash  crash  happened ?

Stupid  traders who sell  first  and   ask  questions  later...    stupid  trades  who  use  mathematic  models..

 Its  kind  of  like  some  fool  following  IE   Alstry  or   SPec  Bear..      eventually  hopefully  such  fools  run  out of  their  and  other  people's  money... 

Oh  sure  the  big  boys  will  look  to  try  to  change  trades  after the fact  whenever  they can get  away with  it.



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#1) On April 24, 2013 at 3:09 PM, L0RDZ (90.11) wrote:

It wasn't the  initial  tweet  that caused  the uproar  but all the  retweets  of  the  initial  tweet...

Is  twitter  really  the best way  to  disclose  financial  information  in  under  140  characters so as to  permit  texters  ?

I  don't  have  a  twitter  I'm not  a  big  fan  of  texting, but  the day  I see  them  disclosing  financial stuff  in  text  short hand  is  the day  I'll   rememsiece  about  the  old  days  about  how  I  had  to walk to school  up-hill  both ways in ten foot snow  only  to discover  that  no one else showed up for school that day.

The  joys of having  ill informed  parents.

It's  kind of  like waking  up from a  nightmare of  you  forgetting to make it to your  classroom  as  final  exams  are taking place  all the while  awaking to discover that  your are bound  and  tied up and  being  water boarded  and  you are relieved  that  you were only dreaming about   missing  your exams.


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