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Fake News: DPS Spins Offs "Schweppes Orangina"



September 29, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS

FAKE NEWS:   C.E.O. of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group just announced to Goldman Sachs Analyst that they are going to issue in March of 2010 shares of new Spin-Off corporation, "Schweppes Orangina."

The C.E.O. had this to say,  "Dr. Pepper Snapple Group will still retain a 67% stake in Schweppes Orangina.  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group will thus hold a 96% shareholder voting control.
This company will sell Schweppes Ginger Aile, Vernor's Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and Orangina to North America and Latin America."

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are working together to handle the books for this IPO issue and have priced the stock at a range of $10.50 to $12.50.

Varchild2008  "WOW!!! HEY FOLKS!!!    It's MARCH 2010!!!!!  Look Look!!! Awesome!!!  Schwepes Orangina debutes!!!! 

YAAAY!!!!  I am buying  the stock.. I don't care what share price it is... I am buying buying buying buying.... I love Schweppes....Canada Dry.. YAY!!! Vernors!!! YAY!!!!  "

Uhm....  Oh... My point?  Just demonstrating that it frankly doesn't matter to me.... if it is (DPS) I am buying or a spin-off of (DPS) in the form of Schwepes Orangina.... Whatever..

I am on board  BOTH....  I say..... BOTH are BUYS....

So when someone said... "GAME = Blackstone..... GAME worthless cause SNDA is the managers of GAME."

I mean... I look at the Earnings beats of DPS.... and I can't but drooooool over Schweppes Orangina Spin-off.... I would be a buyer of BOTH stocks all the way to my retirement...

But it doesn't matter!!!  I can be a buyer of JUST  (DPS)..... JUST (SNDA).....

I can be a buyer... of JUST (Schweppes Orangina)  ....or JUST (GAME)....

I get the SAME MANAGEMENT..... That has a Historically Positive....Management Track Record.

Why should I care????  Why ????  When signs point to BOTH as a good investment... buy 1 or the other.. or buy both!  It's simple....rinse wash repeat..

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