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Fake News: Moody's Applauds Debt Deal



August 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

Fake News:  Moody's Applauds Debt Deal

Late Breaking News!!!  Shortly after the house of representatives passed the Mitch and Harry Debt Bill, Moody's was so thrilled they raised America's debt outlook from negative to stable!

Moody's points out how great it is that America gets to borrow another $3 Trillion from China to cover the accelerating costs of the big 3 entitlement programs, Medicare, Social Security, and Interest Payments on the debt.  Furthermore, Moodys downgraded SPAIN for not spending as much money in a year that America can spend in a moment. 

In the spirit of Austerity, The Department of the Army has launched the new "Sell Everything we have and fight the enemy with our fists." program in order to meet the demands of the Trigger portion of the deal which calls for cutting more money out of the Military Budget than 10 times Apple Computer's cash load.

PFC Ryan Miner had this to say, "While I am glad Moody's has declared America fiscally prudent and sound because of the debt deal, I am a bit discourged over this "Sell Everything and just fight off the terrorists with unarmed combat" program."

Beep beep beep beep.... MORE BREAKING NEWS!!!!

Vice President Joseph Biden has pleaded with President Obama to declare War against the TEA PARTY TERRORISTS where ever they may hide!

Markous Moulitsas has just been drafted into the "Joe Biden take out the tea party terrorists with bloody warfare brigade" but we have recently learned that he only joined so he could learn to speak Swedish.

In other news, the Statue of Liberty has 98,765,123 bids on E-Bay with the high bid set at $5.15 and a Buy it now price of $6.25. Since this is E-Bay, there is no Amazon Super Saver Shipping Program.

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