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Fake Stocks everyone would invest in



February 06, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , BAC , C

1.  (TIM)  C.E.O.  TIM GEITHNER....
Business:  Coerce Congress to hand over TARP, TARP 2, and other bailout funds.  Increase of 1000% 2008, year over year from 2007.  Expected growth in 2009....over 10,000% year over year. 

JP MORGAN: Overweight, Conviction Buy List.

2.   (UNM) Unemployment Financials:   C.E.O.  Unemployed... 
Business:  Places bets on unemployment figures going up.  Earns large sums of cash when businesses cut jobs and loses money when they hire. 

STANDARD AND POOR'S:  Strong Buy, Top 10 Conviction Buy List.

3.  (666) C.E.O. SATAN. 
Business: Whenever a Washington Bueracrat, Wallstreet executive, Hedge Fund, or Federal/Civil Criminal does something bad the company earns lots of cash.  Good deeds result in a loss.
Currently gambling 1/3rd of the company's outstanding cash that the Stimulus Bill will pass and thus Congressman's Act of GREED (1 of the deadly sins) will happen.

4.  (HALF)  Portfolios Cut in Half Corporation.   Whenever an investor's portfolio or 401K is cut in half, what was lost in that portfolio goes to this corporation's earnings.

5.  (SPY)  I-Spy inc.    Manufactures and Sells Spy Equipment and Cameras for the Investment Community to hear/see what goes on in private board meetings in the company's they invest in.
Wouldn't you like to know what lead up to Jerry Yang refusing to sell Yahoo before the share price plummeted?

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