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Fat Cats



February 28, 2007 – Comments (2)

Ok, this isn't some diatribe on CEO pay or anything like that. It's literally about fat cats. Mine. And how they're getting too heavy for me to single handedly get them down the four flights of stairs from my fourth floor apartment to the safe ground below in case of fire or other such emergency. I found out firsthand the difficulties last Sunday when my apartment building had a fire alarm go off (false alarm, thankfully, although lugging fat cats left me sore for a couple days afterwards).

Anyway, I decided to go online and check out what kind of options are available for transporting heavy pets around without needing to pump iron to get ready for the experience. I mean, there has to have been some innovation in the last couple years, I'm thinking -- we can send a man to the moon so surely there are better ways to herd (ahem) cats.

I was terribly disappointed with PetSmart's Web site's assortment of cat carriers. From what I could tell, it only had a few options, and they were mostly the old school square boxes with a handle. Of 18 results on the page, some of them were cat doors (NOT what I'm looking for) and cat "playpens" (those look like cages to me).

Then... there was Target. They had everything from "handbags" for small dogs (thanks a lot, Paris) to wheeled "sherpas." There were even totes that it looked like you could theoretically drape over yourself if you needed to load yourself up like a pack animal to get your pack of animals out of a burning building. The selection was much more copious diverse.

I'll probably end up doing an in-store compare and contrast of the options, but I was shocked that my online shopping search yielded such different results. I'd kind of thought of PetSmart as a sort of Target for pets, so the idea that Target seemed to beat them hands down in selection (online anyway) seemed nothing short of bizarre. PetSmart, pets are your specialty! What gives? Maybe I'm just being catty, though.

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#1) On March 01, 2007 at 6:56 PM, LeanieBean (62.56) wrote:

Maybe just being "catty", I like it! :)

I recently had been thinking more about "what to do in case of fire" with regards to my kitty too, esp. because of our building's dryers was operating "free" (sort of on the fritz from accepting coins) and while that may be a great savings?, it will also run forever [on some nights I think/know it does] & is not so good for fire prevention, me thinks...

And I thought, jeez, how do I get the cat into the carrier quickly if the sh** goes down (and living in in DC, I have my fears/expectations on a few levels I guess).

So, I tried the kitty-cat harness & leash ensemble...

Some people walk their cats, I guess...

Hey, I'll try it.

I put it on my cat "Noodles", and she behaved just like a Noodle with it on, laid down and flooped around...

She didn't stand up on 4 legs like a doggie for me. Doh!

"Come on Noony up you go, legs, paws"...

[Noodles mind play: Silly Human, tricks are for kids; I like laying about in this thing, just like I enjoy laying down paws up waving and showing you my belly at all times].

Re: Target & Petsmart...interesting observation. I believe Target has maybe made a point to hone in on the availibility & attractiveness of their pet related products. Notice how often (least in this area anyways) they are located right near each other?

Target is upping the ante, my curiousity is indeed as per your Petsmart stepping up to the call?

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#2) On March 03, 2007 at 10:20 AM, TMFLomax (89.62) wrote:

Hi E -- oh gosh, yeah, my mom was insisting that I get leashes for them -- I don't think they're going to respond any better than Noodles! I really do think I'm going to have to find some kind of way to strap them to my body... LOL...

And I've totally noticed in this area Target and PetSmart are right near each other... I find that fascinating (and convenient if I want to do a compare/contrast sometime soon!).

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